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Principle of Giving


Acts 20:35 (NIV)
35 In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

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Bite Your Tongue

NewImageHave you ever said something you ended up regretting? Just because we think something doesn’t mean we need to say it. This list will help you know when to bite your tongue.
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Are You Qualified?

NewImageWho or What has the ability to qualify you? If you are a success or failure?

1st Qualification system: grades

Schools around the world spend a ton of money and resources to develop standards and tests.

They summarize student academic progress with a universal system of letters or numbers.

Do you remember the days your universe revolved around grades? Maybe it didn’t and your parents thought it should. Do you remember report card day?

Preview of “judgment day minus the cherubs and the big white throne”

We get performance reviews every year and you are reminded either you are above or below a certain line for creativity, team work, or accomplishments.

Based on our performance we start labeling ourselves in our heads.
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A Guilt Driven Life

Guilt is good.

You may think I meant to say, “God is good”, but I actually said what I meant.

I believe Guilt is similar to pain.

Do we like pain? No. But, it is good for us. If we ignore pain, we can really damage our body worse than it already is. If there’s no pain when we pierce our skin, we won’t look to see if we’re bleeding or clean up the cut. If we don’t clean up the cut, we’ll get infected, and it will hurt. It will hurt because we’ve let foreign germs enter our body that are not good for us. It hurts so that we’ll do what we can to remove the infection. And if we don’t take care of the infection, it could get worse. The very worst is that we could lose a body part; have to remove it because it’s beyond repair.
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Of Earth And Clay

http://i2.wp.com/transformingclay.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/img_3983.jpg?w=25%25&ssl=1The Golden State Warriors finished their regular season last night, with a 73 and 9 record that set a new record. And remember, Coach Kerr was a member of the 1995-96 Bulls that had set the previous 72 win record. Stephen Curry would surpass the 400 3-pt mark and end the season with 402, crushing his own previous record-setting pace of 286 3 pointers last season.

But this team understands where true power comes from.

Long before the Golden State Warriors earned their peerless place in the NBA record books … they held a chapel session that included an apropos message.

“YOU HAVE THE WINNING HAND,” the program cover that also featured the Warriors logo read. “II CORINTHIANS 4: 5-10.”

Sam Amick – USA TODAY Sports

So let’s look at that passage.
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Life is a lesson to be learned not a thing to be conquered. Herein you will find questions, thoughts and scriptures to guide you through your life. Walk with the Lord and be His light.